Y8 Games: Reasons Why it's the Best Flash Game Sit
Y8 Games: Reasons Why it’s the Best Flash Game Site on the Web

If you haven’t heard of y8 games yet, it’s about time you should. You can’t call yourself a decent online games enthusiast if you haven’t checked out this site that close to 300,000 have liked on Facebook. Y8 simply calls itself a “directory of free flash games.” And that, in essence, is what the whole website is about.

Yes, there are tons of flash game sites on the web right now, but y8 stands out from the rest of the pack for reasons that become clear to its avid game fanatics who get their games fix here regularly. If you are one of the few uninitiated individuals who are still wondering what the hoopla about this directory is all about, read on. We outline the reasons why it’s simply the best flash game site on the web.

  1. Thousands of Games. Yes! This is every online gamer’s paradise. A rundown on the alphabetically-arranged categories on the left of the screen reveals the hundreds or thousands of games that belong to each. If you simply want to play a game about a certain topic, say physics or math or puzzles, you can easily type it on the search box and voila! All the games about it will appear right before you. 
  2. Fast Loading. Another yes! They may have thousands of games but surprisingly, the servers at y8 don’t seem to get overloaded. Try loading a game for yourself and you’ll see how genuinely easy it is to get right down to what you came to the website for: Play!
  3. No Pop-Ups. Triple yes! Don’t you just hate it when you are bombarded with tons of pop ups that distract you from your game? This website understands that and don’t throw these ads at you. Again, you are able to do what you really want to do: Play to your heart’s content. 
  4. New Games Added Daily. There may already be thousands of games on their database but this site never tires of adding new games everyday. To say that this site is always fresh is definitely an understatement! 
  5. Easy Navigability. Some game sites just look too crowded for the eyes. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find where the games are. That’s not the case with y8. Everything is literally laid out before you on the screen. Categories on the right, games of each category on the center and the search box on the upper right corner. Every page is uniform, making flash gaming a pleasurable and relaxing experience.